Eaglechild – The novel 

Rupert Carlos is the only son of an English Earl and a Spanish Countess.

The Earl tries to persuade Rupert that the “Red Indians” and “Eskimo” of North America are the losers in the battle for survival because their cultures are weak and inferior. He is proud of his family’s involvement in the Hudson’s Bay Company which acquired and controlled vast areas of land in Canada on behalf of the British Empire. He thinks of himself and his ancestors as swashbuckling Protestant capitalists and urges Rupert to follow the family tradition.

However, the Countess feels guilty. She acknowledges that since the time of Columbus her aristocratic ancestors in Seville and Cordoba exploited los Indios of Latin America cruelly and unfairly. Catholic and open to unorthodox belief in a “natural priesthood”, she is determined to use her immense wealth, her Spanish titles and her son’s future role in the British House of Lords, to make restitution to the Indians of all the Americas from the Arctic to the Antarctic. In his attempt to cope, the intelligent and sensitive young… Read More


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